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How Music Effects The  Metaphysical Senses That Reach Our Soul

To me the fall is just another beautiful time of year that would not be complete without the sounds of music! I am so glad you decided to come to this page where we will explore two of our senses, A new radio interview on 11/14/2016 and find out about my Holiday album coming out the first week in December called "Songs Of The Soul Vol 1.".

First, lets take a walk together. No not a physical walk, and not down a familiar path. I want to tickle your senses, your eyes and ears to show you what we can do when listening to music for fun and what I do when creating a song.

They say, " The eyes are the windows into the soul" and the author of this saying is the amazing William Shakespeare. The soul is the deepest part of who we are and it is effected by what we see. If you look at a beautiful sunset it makes you feel and experience emotions differently than  when looking at rain falling outside a window. I am sure most people would agree!  To demonstrate how what your eyes look at  effect your feelings, emotions and in turn effects your soul look at the photos in the video below.  You will be looking at these photos while listening to a song called "Lost In Space" in the video. The song is by one of my favorite instrumental artists Paul Hardcastle. Focus just on the beautiful photos and  note what your feeling and the emotions you are experiencing. http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=dgZMhAiusUU#Lost_in_Space_-_Paul_Hardcastle%3A_The_JazzMasters_(HD)

What about the ears and how they effect the soul?  I  say "the ears are the michrophones plugged into your soul" ? My words not nearly as eloquent as Shakespeare, but you may see where I am going! To demonstrate that what your ears hear effect your feelings, emotions and in turn effects your soul listen to the music playing in the video below. With your eyes closed this time, focus only on the music listening to a song called "New Dawn" also by one of my favorite artists Paul Hardcastle. http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=s3GKcWT2uNM#Paul_Hardcastle_-_New_Dawn

Before Reading below how these songs effected my feelings and emotions, I want you to grab a pencil and paper. Write down how the photos in the video for the song "Lost In Space" effected your feelings and emotions. Maybe replay the video a few times while you write down descriptive words and phrases. Then write down how the music in the video for the song "New Dawn" effected your feelings and emotions. Keep in mind, at the time you read this blog, maybe you have had a bad day or not in the mood to listen and then writing down descriptive words and phrases! When ready take time to do this. If you are not a songwriter this is a cool way to get in touch with you feelings and emotions and if you are a songwriter this is a great way to get in touch with your feelings and emotions while searching for the right style of music that works with the meaning of the song lyric you are writing. If you are a writer and not a Hardcastle fan, remember that you can do this for other styles of music you like but do it with instrumental only tracks. Lyrics to songs naturally form pictures in your mind about what the song story is about. We are focusing on finding your unique feelings and emotions using your sight and hearing. I find this stage of writing a song by listening to instrumental music or just kicking back to listen to instrumental music.. exciting!

Amia Franz Feelings and Emotions for: ( a descriptive word or phrase)

"New Dawn"- I chose to listen to this song first because I felt like kicking back and closing my eyes. I have a tendency to listen to music over and over again, to the point of annoying to some family here. But that's why I found a time when I could be alone and play the music videos on repeat a few times. This is your time so feel free to do the same! My descriptive words for this song are: resolve, understanding, soaring, I love you, I know you love me, I'm so happy, lying on the warm beach sand, exhilarating feeling, I did it!, anticipating your long awaited arrival, anticipating a night of romance.

"Lost In Space"- For this song I sat on the couch looking at the photos of the planets ...cold looking black space with the sun in some photos. Ironically, I am fascinated my star and planet photos, but at the same time, I am so glad to have my feet firmly planted on beautiful planet earth! My descriptive words and phrases for the pictures in this song: Lonely, foreboding but beautiful in a strange sort of way, longing for someone to be next to, sad but hopeful, can't wait to see someone I love again...

It probably wasn't fair to use the song "Lost In Space" as one of the songs I chose for this study. The reason being, when I listen to this song, it reminds me of  how lonely I felt when a man I dated once, was out of town,  and I felt lonely watching TV and eating pop corn! But even so, I can say that if I had never heard this song before I would have still written down the same or similar descriptive words for how this song makes me feel..

Lastly,  if you had to choose between your sight or your hearing, which would be more valuable to keep with regards to feelings and emotions? In my case it would have to be my ears!

Songs Of My Soul Vol 1 and New Radio Interview

So what does the above music study have to do with my first DLR Holiday album release "Songs Of The Soul Vol 1" ? Nothing accept the word "Soul" in the title. Songs are a way to touch people and as a writer it's not a job it's a pleasure and a joy coming up with the right words for a lyric that work well with the right mood of the music to touch persons soul. Not all the songs on this DLR Album I wrote. Here is the list of songs with some of the song descriptions for legendary cover tunes I recorded. The music production of each song is original and created by my DLR music team. Paul Cooke executive produced the music with other producers on the music team The Lagos Boys and Scott Lea of RedicLea Records.

Current Pro Media Mag Interview - http://www.pmlngroup.com/exclusive-interview-with-amia-franz-she-announces-fb-live-event-for-dec-8th-at-7pm-cst/

Thanks for coming to my blog with more to come!

Amia Franz


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