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Amia is an American recording artist of German, English and Irish decent. She is a singer, writer, producer and plays electric guitar solos that she composes. She writes in the Alternative Pop Neo Soul, R&B , Soft Rock styles.


Amia Music 4 Compassion Funding Campaign Chapter 1 begins officially 5/18/2015 here to vote for one of the first two songs I will record and make a contribution amount to help me out. Contributions start at $10 and when you contribute $25 or more I have created gifts you will recieve for your help! Much thanks ahead of time to everyone! And thank you very much to the early bird contributors and voters !!


Hi everyone! I will be releasing the first 7 of 13 new songs I have written over the past year, in the Alternative Neosoul, R&B, Softrock and blues styles with the help of Paul Cooke of Sade fame who is executive producing all of my new music. After the music is released I will work fufther with him to market my music with more projects to announce along the way. I will also be working with DCE International out of Canada with further promotion, marketing and working with one of their booking agents for live venue performances to start in 2015.


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