Let’s Make This A Better World

In my last post, I wrote about some of my experiences in the world of music. But as we all know, other events outside of music influence our creative juices. I have had several.


One of my songs is entitled “I’m Just Across Town Boy.” This song has special meaning for me because I wrote it as a way to express my deepest emotions over the death of my younger brother, John, when he was just 17. It was very difficult dealing with his dying so young, and I needed to write a story song to deal with his passing that would help me remember him in a positive way. I decided to write a song focusing on a fun story that I imagined would take place between us now. It is one of the seven songs I will be releasing soon, with your help. It has a fun twist that you wouldn’t expect from the title. I hope you will take a listen when it is released after my recording venture in NYC!  . . .


My life revolves around music, my family is totally supportive of my career, and my husband and son mean the world to me. I have one son, named Weston after my brother John Weston, who is a delight to me and my husband. He is a special-needs kid. With the help of my husband, James, I decided to homeschool my son which took my focus off music for a while but was well worth it. Helping my son has taught me a lot about how much I must find ways to use my music to help other people, performing and finding funds along my musical journey to give to charitable organizations. For years, my husband, my son, and I have worked with the Chicago-based 100 Percent Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to providing literacy programs, toys, and fun memories to hospitalized children. I currently have a music funding campaign underway, and James and I are dedicating $1.00 from each and every donation to help the 100 Percent Foundation. Check them out at www.the100percentfoundation.org.


Helping the less fortunate is dear to my heart and an integral part of my music. But you, my listening audience, are also very important to me. With my music I hope to express what I feel, through songs about love, unrequited love, and special romance that people will like and want to listen to as they build memories. I want to resist hate and embrace love with each song I write and send out into the world. I intend to change the world for the better, using my music as a vehicle of love.


I sincerely hope you will help me in this mission.


Talk to you again soon,