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If you dig Alternative, Contemporary sounds of Sophisti Pop, Funk and soulful Soft Rock, you'll be hypnotized with Amia's unique sultry vocal delivery over beautiful music productions....

IT'SBE~4.MP3Amia Franz
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Friday Night 2021 Amia Unplugged Sample (music not Amia Music)Amia Franz
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Cosmic Girl Amia 2021 Amia Unplugged Sample (vocals / Lyric arrangment/ music not Amia Music)Amia Franz
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ECSTASY 2011 Amia Franz Professional recording (vocals & Lyrics)Amia Franz
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“Listening to your fabulous 2011 album! Congratulations! songs, vocal styling music production is slick, sexy, passionate, penetrating. Truly impressed. ” Jeannie Deva, Celebrity Voice Coach (xfactor, American Idol, Christina Aguilera, Pink) Jeannie Deva

Amia Franz is multi-talented in every sense of the word. Her songs are real with beautiful heartfelt music. Her brand new, long-awaited original music features her own music productions with some complimentary Sade covers. Looking forward to seeing her capture these songs in live performance" Daniel Evans Amia Franz Fan

Audio Engineer for 2021 Extraordinary Love album release music project - "Working with Amia Franz (@amiasingersongs) is a pleasure. She knows exactly what she wants and how she wants to achieve it. Very punctual and very easy to communicate with! Meyoutech audio engineer 

"I see great things ahead for this extraordinary yet approachable beauty and singer who writes captivating original songs!" Steven Mathews 


"You are a real talent" Paul Cooke founder, original drummer, and co-writer of some of the iconic songs of 1980's band Sade 

“Hi Amia! I received several of your tracks for review from Paul today. You are truly a brilliant writer and musician! I’m excited to start working on your track” Scott Lea of Radiclea Records

"Amia possess a very unique sound, style, and approach to music that the world will definitely want to hear." - Roger Burnely, Vocal Coach


 "I had the opportunity to hear some demos of music Amia will release in 2018. She skillfully delivers  high-energy elegance managing to stay far away from the abyss of contemporary easy listening music" - Phil Cartwright


"You are awesomely talented as a singer, songwriter and artist. Your artwork on the Divine Artistic Designs site is some of the coolest stuff I've seen. Very inventive. You've got a new fan here." - David Jerkins


"Good Luck as you follow your dreams painting the sky with song!!! Wishing you every joy and many opportunities to share your art!!!!!" Christie Brinkley Model/Actress/Artist

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Current Status 2021 - Finalizing script once development is complete.


"Esther And The Prince is a unique story for film that will captivate your heart with amazing characters,

romance and high sea adventure. So happy to have been given the opportunity to read Amia's brilliant

film story she is writing the script for!"

Theatrical friend Janet Merchant

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