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CURRENT 2022 Amia Franz Nashville Recording Session "ART FOR MUSIC AUCTION
CURRENT 2 WEEK FUNDING EVENT 1 - PAINTING  "The Apple" up for bidding. Asking price $350. Amia is a professional graphic/fine artist.  Thank you in advance for bidding by going to the bidding page here  https://www.32auctions.com/amiafranzartformusicaucti  Winning bid will be announced on Amia Twitter page @amiasingersongs . 

"FUNDING EVENT 2 - To record vocals over next 3 out of 11 original songs in Nashville. Songs to record vocals over music are  "Shadow Box", "Walk On By Me" and "Parked".  

The Apple Auction Painting 1.jpg

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Go to Amia's youtube channel to listen to her past album playlist and hear sample videos of her current 2022 Album project here https://www.youtube.com/user/mrjfranz1971 and also subscribe! 





"ART FOR MUSIC" AUCTION EVENTS OVERVIEW AND PURPOSE- Amia "Art For Music" AUCTION events starts  AUGUST 14th 2022 and advertising on Amia's @amiasingersongs twitter page w link daily. We are asking for a minimum bid of at least $25 and for each subsequent event. The winning bid will go towards paying for Amia Franz recording her vocals over her music productions for 11 songs. Each event will be  announced , last for 2 weeks, daily posts on Amia's twitter page @amiasingersongs to encourage fans to place a bid and the highest bidders donation will go towards Amia recording 3 songs in a 2 hour recording studio session in Nashville under the direction of Nashville producer Kara Greskovic www.karagreskovic.com 

All artwork is designed and created by music artist Amia Franz. 




Highest bidder is chosen -  Each ART FOR MUSIC AUCTION EVENT will be conducted  as a silent auction though  https://www.32auctions.com/    Each bidder will provide a valid email address, name and valid shipping address. Bidding on Amia Franz artwork, will last 2 weeks at a time, then a new event begins with a new peice of Amia Artwork.  All artwork is insured and will only be shipped to US winners with a valid US mailing address. Winner (or next highest bidder) will be contacted via email, arrangement for payment and then winner announced on Amia's @amiasingersongs twitter page. 


Each auction event, are only 2 weeks long. To participate, you must enter a valid email address, with your name (whatever you choose but we prefer real names and businesses),  and the amount of your bid,  are collected during an auction event.  We may decide to hold a particular auction event, longer of shorter than 2 weeks but once the event starts, the time period will not change.  

To make everyone glad they participated, those who participate with a valid email address, who did not win the event, will be contacted with discounts on albums, live streaming performances as they happen and winners of events will have their real names mentioned in Amia's album credits.   Any questions regarding auction events, please contact Amia Franz creative team via amiamusic11@yahoo.com 




EDEN HEALTH SHOP www.edenhealthshop.com 

 * If you do not wish to bid on a pproduct funding event. you can go to my  PAYPAL BUTTON  PAGE https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=34HZZLNUHGBAE and contribute any amount     


If you would like to Go to Amia's youtube video and listen to her demo video version singing  Extraordinary Love song, here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXn5TGqa0pA   

CURRENT 2022 Amia Franz Nashville Recording Session "ART FOR MUSIC AUCTION "FUNDING EVENT 2 - To record 3 more songs in Nashville,  out of 11 total. Once the money needed to record her original songs "Shadow Box", "Walk On By Me" and "Parked".  


2021 Amia Franz Past Funding EVENT 1 - Amia recieved music funding in 2021 from friends, family and business associates and will be recording at a new studio under the music and vocal direction of Kara Greskovic in summer 2022.  She will announce the completion of vocals over her music productions for songs "Extraordinary Love" and "I Believe" on twitter @amiamisngersongs when she returns the first week in September. Kara has taken charge of the project and Amia is honored to have her on board!  

Amia Franz music production Team- 

 Kara Greskovic, is a well respected, young producer out of Nashville https://www.karagreskovic.com. Kara reviews Amia's music productions,  vocals with melodies for each song on the new album. Songwriter Harriet Schock www.harrietschock.com is vetting Amia's lyrics.  The musicians playing on Amia's new album project, Kara is also vetting for Keys, drums and string player. All music  production instrumentation created by Amia with creative ideas by the musicians. 


 EXTRAORDINARY LOVE  ALBUM “Extraordinary Love”,  the title song, https://www.youtube.com/user/mrjfranz1971 is a 11 song project. It embodies a Dream I have had for a long time, and working on with my 2022 music team. The vocal recording sessions begin summer 2022, 3 songs off the album and a video promo of Amia performing live with her band will kick off her current career jouney, while releasing singles and the album. " I want to record it via the Funding events, and that means fans make this happen" Amia Franz

Those who win the Auction events, will get a free album.  Those who place a bid, will recieve a one time merchandise discount on a product they choose.  


Extraordinary Love 

Shadow Box 

It's Been A Long Time 

I Believe


Walk On By Me

Your Love Touched Me

Heaven In Your Eyes

She's Not The One

When You Can't Back Down


“The Journey” BIO —Documenting Amia's music career recording career as  singer, writer, producer, solo guitarist,  violinist, film  "Esther And The Prince",  and Amia's  extraordinary visual art skills  go to  https://amiafranzofficial.wordpress.com/2021/09/17/amia-franz-official-word-press-blog/ 


 Amia Franz Creative Arts Team  Thank you for supporting Amia Franz! She is a very beautiful, very talented lady and we love her attitude! 




Every dollar helps! Share the CURRENT FUNDING EVENT campaign page http://www.amiamusic.com/amiafranzartformusicauction  on your social media pages (daily if you would),  to help Amia get the word out about her album project 

* Talk to your friends and family members about “Extraordinary Love” Album  CURRENT FUNDING EVENT campaign to see if they might want to support her! 


Thank you!


Amia Franz creative Team! 




Twitter: @amiasingersongs

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mrjfranz1971

Website: www.amiamusic.com

ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/amiasingersongwriter

WordPress Blog: https://amiafranzofficial.wordpress.com/

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Current Music Reviews Including Musicians On Amia's Recording Project, DJ's, Radio and Music Media


 "Amia unleashes, sultry vocals and jazzy instrumentation,allows the listener to get lost in the sentiment of it all and think of their significant other or imagine being at a show watching Amia with her band enjoying the ambiance over a bottle of wine! Listeners should be excited for what's to come, when mastered songs release as Amia has some funky, uptempo songs that are made to excite the listener both digitally and with future live performances for a cross demographic audience!" Nashville producer Kara Greskovic www.karagrescovick.com


"This musician is a phenomenal talent. She makes wonderful music and is a true artist in her field. It was an absolute joy working and collaborating with her. I look forward to further collaborations. Thank you so much for a terrific experience.!!!" Jordan Griggs Canadian composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, violinist, violist, pianist, performer and teacher of all styles of music. He began his musical studies at the age of 2 on the violin and from there started composing and conducting. Grigg’s music catalogue contains well over 1500 works including 41 symphonies and 41 string quartets. Grigg’s works have been recorded on CD, aired on the CBC, commissioned and performed all over the world.

"You are a great artist and a great person! It's a privilege to collaborate with you!!! It's super easy to work with!!!!" Philkeys keyboard player studio musician