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A Bit About Me

Amia Franz, is an American born, singer, writer, producer in the Alternative Pop, R&B, Funk Contemporary Smooth Jazz/Sophisti Pop genres.


Amia's last album project, was recorded  in  2011, in the UK .  You can listen to a video., of  some of the songs on that project  here

Amia's current album project, she calls "Extraordinary Love"  consists of  11 original songs, never released , and some she  wrote, as far back as 2017.


 "This project is more important to me than my past project, only because I hope it gives me wings as a writer, singer and  female producer.  Up until now, I have never had the freedom to create my own music productions for my songs. I wrote all the songs on my 2011 project,  but that music project was a signed production deal where I was not in control of the music productions. With my new project, the music productions with lyrics are my baby!". 


Amia is very excited to be working with songwriter extraordinaire, Harriet Schock . 

"She has been an amazing influence on  the quality of my lyrics, and she vetts the lyrics I write for my current project! Undoubtedly we will be working together into the future!, on my other projects".


Extraordinary Love 

Shadow Box 

It's Been A Long Time 

I Believe


Walk On By Me

Your Love Touched Me

Heaven In Your Eyes

She's Not The One

When You Can't Back Down

Deep Love (Dj club mix with Kara Grekovic producing)

Amia is working with Nashville Producer,  Kara Greskovic ,on all 11 songs on her "Extraordinary Love"  project.  "Kara has an amazing ear and understands exactly what will make my music productions shine when I sing over them! She checks out every detail of each song, from the music productions, how I sing over them and will be my vocal producer in a studio she works with in Nashville!  When I return from Nashville at the end of September 2022, a band will be formed, to rehearse the first 3 Love songs, "Extraordinary Love", "I Believe" and "It's Been A Long time".  Kara, will also be helping me put together my artist promo package, which includes her vetting the best live band  performance footage and what professionally recorded songs I should include in the promo package". 

"You rock Amia! Exciting things ahead for this gifted writer, producer with a very unique sultry voice!" Team Amia


Youtube - please subscribe to Amia's channel by going to

Listen to Extraordinary Love Demo

Listen to Amia's Pop Song Releases video

                Amia Band
Original songs and dance number!

imageedit_4_6797343304 (2).png






To help Amia on her music journey, cans can purchase paitnings (see display) . The Paintings all have a music theme/ You can choose a self portrait of Amia, portrait of artists that have influenced her music ie Prince, Sade, Jay Kay and others. Or you might just want to commission her to paint  for you! Your idea of a scene, her idea of scenem a portrait of yourself or someone else. If you are a business, Amia could discuss your needs, maybe a logo design or a mural if you live in Illinois!  

Amia  is a professional artist, (practices her dancing  in front of a cooler there) with many years of experience doing murals for business and residential clients, logo designs, advertizing materials and more! . She also does all the graphic design and murals for the family store www/  



"I think Amia is an artistic genius! Besides a stunningly beautiful woman with a heart of gold,  I give her an idea for my store and she almost immediately comes up with these unique, ingenius ideas and concepts. People that come into the store, love the murals! I am proud to have her as the resident artist!"  James Franz owner of Eden Health Shop  







































































You can commision Amia to do the following:


















































* If you do not wish to buy or buy one of Amia's paintings, or art products, you can make a donation by going to my  PAYPAL BUTTON  PAGE and contribute any amount anytime.      





Twitter: @amiasingersongs

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Amia Franz Logo Designs 

Amia Franz Painting Gallery

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"For The Love Of Music"
         Self Portrait  
By Amia Franz


Amia ArtworkWork Samples

Street Alley Two Boys.jpg

Murals (local)

  Reviews From Musicians and OthersWorking On Amia's Current Recording Project

 "Amia unleashes, sultry vocals and jazzy instrumentation,allows the listener to get lost in the sentiment of it all and think of their significant other or imagine being at a show watching Amia with her band enjoying the ambiance over a bottle of wine! Listeners should be excited for what's to come, when mastered songs release as Amia has some funky, uptempo songs that are made to excite the listener both digitally and with future live performances for a cross demographic audience!" Nashville producer Kara Greskovic


"This musician is a phenomenal talent. She makes wonderful music and is a true artist in her field. It was an absolute joy working and collaborating with her. I look forward to further collaborations. Thank you so much for a terrific experience.!!!" Jordan Griggs Canadian composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, violinist, violist, pianist, performer and teacher of all styles of music. He began his musical studies at the age of 2 on the violin and from there started composing and conducting. Grigg’s music catalogue contains well over 1500 works including 41 symphonies and 41 string quartets. Grigg’s works have been recorded on CD, aired on the CBC, commissioned and performed all over the world.

"You are a great artist and a great person! It's a privilege to collaborate with you!!! It's super easy to work with!!!!" Philkeys keyboard player studio musician 

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