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Amia Franz is a Blonde Soul Chic!

Amia Franz is known for stepping outside the box creatively. Catch her latest tweets on @amiasingersongs



The beautiful songstress writes her original song gems in the Alternative Sophisti – Pop, R&B, Neo Soul, Prince style Funk, Contemporary Smooth Jazz, Jazz Fusion, and Soft Rock singer, music producer and solo guitar player. “My sound is influenced primarily by artists Sade and Jamiroquai . I invite you to get a taste of it by listening to my 2019 playlist of songs releasing 

Amia Franz is an award winning singer /visual artist with a B.A. degree in Graphic Design /fine art. The “Amia” live band performances feature her original songs and tasteful cover arrangements she produces. The visuals onstage feature backdrops of her mural artwork, video imagery projected on the band and creative lighting that enhance the Amia “sound’ and senses! The Amia Franz Angel lights logo she created to visualize for fans her deep commitment to the “heart and soul” of and in live performance.

Live Streaming show links , product purchasing, and back stage or band rehearsal event links will be loaded on Amia Franz page to be created. For the latest career development updates for Amia go to and follow her Official twitter fan page @amiasingersongs.

Stay tuned for the ongoing development of her film called Esther And the Prince and updates to be posted on her website .

She is signed under her first label deal with Diamond Life Records owned by Paul Cooke of Sade fame.

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Youtube Channel –… Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE to her channel

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                                                    Esther And The Prince

Amia Franz is writing the Film Script for Esther And the Prince with the help of a feature film Script writer under a special writing mentorship, guiding her guiding her to the finalized script to give the film director interested in her project.


"This is not something I ever planned on doing. It landed in my lap, via my own vision for the film, and I knew it was a project I must pursue and get accomplished. Writing for film is a very specialized art, and I have gained tons of respect for those great writers and directors I admire! the model for my film is "War Horse" by the infamous Steven Spielberg".  Amia Franz 


"Fans that frequent my fan page @amiasingersongs know I post my music and will announce my film activities there.    


Amia Franz music, artwork and costume designs will be included in the making of this film. .







Main page for website-

Twitter- @amiasingersongs


Reverbnation- .


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Guitar Solo One She Will Perform Live With Other solos in 2017-

Extraordinary Love Demo Sample-


Reviews & Endorsements 

“Listening to your fabulous 2011 album! Congratulations! songs, vocal styling music production is slick, sexy, passionate, penetrating. Truly impressed. ” Jeannie Deva, Celebrity Voice Coach (xfactor, American Idol, Christina Aguilera, Pink) Jeannie Deva (never to be forgotten)

Paul Cooke  owner of Diamond Life Records and founder drummer of the iconic band sade-“You are a real talent” Paul Cooke Of Sade Fame

“Hi Amia! I received several of your tracks for review from Paul today. You are truly a brilliant writer and musician! I’m excited to start working on your track” Scott Lea of RadicLea Records

“Amia possess a very unique sound, style, and approach to music that the world will definitely want to hear.” – Roger Burnely, Vocal Coach

“I listened to the demos Amia Sent me of  some songs she wrote. One called Heaven in You Eyes” and the other”Your Love Touched Me” Amia Franz is solidly in her zone. Her performance on these tracks is both upbeat and soothing. She skillfully delivers  high-energy elegance managing to stay far away from the abyss of contemporary easy listening music” – Phil Cartwright Horizon VU Music

“You are awesomely talented as a singer, songwriter and artist. Your artwork on the Divine Artistic Designs site is some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen. Very inventive. You’ve got a new fan here.” – Fan David Jerkins

“Good Luck as you follow your dreams painting the sky with song!!! Wishing you every joy and many opportunities to share your art!!!!!” Christie Brinkley Model/Actress/Artist Model/Artist/Actress


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