Amia Franz The Visual Artist

Amia Franz uses her visual artist skills to create and sells her digital designs that go on high end apparelle, art prints of her work, custom one of a kind painted gifts, famous faces portraits, is a seasoned muralist and creates sculptures (only taking orders locally from friends of previous clients now)


Amia Music Starlights Logo- Amia designed and created for her music career seen on all her social media pages


Amia paints Digital Self Portraits, Angel Self Portraits,  famous faces portraits and other themed Paintings- you can place orders for high quallity prints of any of the painting displayed on this page. Contact Amia using the emaill subscription box above. She will  send you a welcome email, tell you what her current products are you can order and how to order her products. (All Holiday gift orders must be in by no later than the end of the first week of December)  All digital painting prints are hand signed by artist Amia Franz.  She has a new design partnership opportunity that she will be providing a ink so you can purchase her apparelle desiigns on high quality Tshirts and scarves.  Watch for the link Amia will be posting on this page and on all her social media pages. It's an exciting time for Amia! 


Amia Music- Amia is of German, English and Irish decent and she writes her music in the Alternative Pop Neo Soul, R&B , Funk, Soft Rock with some contemporary/jazz fusion styles. to find out more about Amia's new music recording project and her background you can go to 


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Amia Franz is an award winning artist. On this page you will find some Amia Franz Digital paintings. She paints in Abstract Realism, Fantasy Realism, Super Realism and paints herself in Amia Music Self Portraits. She will be adding her famous faces super realism paintings and others to this page as they are completed after her first Music w Art pre-release Art Gallery show starting in 2016. Announcments of her music w art gallery shows on her @amiasingersongs twitter music fan page. 


Amia Franz music under Amia Music LLC music team. Read more here 


Click here to go to Amia's Music website home page!amia-main-site-page/mainPage

Amia Music Visual Art Gallery  



Abstract Realism and Fantasy Art Digital Paintings

Abstract Realism Music Starlights Self Portrait

Exotic Winged Zebra 


Fantasy Self Portrait Angel Painting

Geometric Landscape Painting 

Amia Music Tshirts & Other Music Products

Amia Franz Custom Music Tshirts 

Amia Music Dressy Tshirt Styles

Femaile Angel Lights Logo Tshirt - in women to Teen sizes  

             Purchase link To Paypal up soon

Femaile Angel Lights Logo Tshirt - in women to Teen sizes  

             Purchase link To Paypal up soon

Boo Baby Angel Dress- all sizes

Purchase link to Paypal up soon

Femaile Tshirt - in women to Teen sizes  

     Purchase link to Paypal up soon

Boo Baby Boy Angel Warrior Shirt- all sizes

          Purchase link to Paypal up soon 

Boo Baby Boy Angel Warrior Shirt- all sizes

         Purchase link to Paypal up soon 

Amia Music Basic Angel Lights Tshirts 

Basic Amia Music Female Angel Starlights Tshirt- all sizes

                       Purchase link to Paypal up soon 

Basic Amia Music Male Angel Warrior Tshirt- all sizes

                  Purchase link to Paypal up soon 

Basic Amia Music Male Signature Tshirt- Mens Womens, Teens, Kids, Toddlers and Babies sizes

                    Purchase link To Paypal up soon 

Basic Amia Music Signature Tshirt- Mens Womens, Teens, Kids, Toddlers and Babies sizes

                           Purchase Link to Paypal Soon

Amia Franz VIDA Collection Silk Tees 

Slik Tshirts with  Amia Franz Music Images or Artwork on them  Amia Franz VIDA Designer purchase page here 

                  Geometric Landscape Sik Tshirt 

                           Exotic Zebra Sik Tshirt 


  Amia Music Female Angel Starlights Logo Silk Tshirt 


  Amia Music Male Starlights Angel Warrior Logo Silk Tshirt 

Amia Music Starlights Logo design by Amia Franz














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