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Music Production and Vocal Reviews producer https://www.karagreskovic.com/kara Her reviews Of Amia Music productions for each song we are prepping prior to to2022 studio sessions in Nashville : 

 Extraordinary Love - “Amia’s production style takes the listener on a journey. From a beautiful string intro to electric guitars playing strumming throughout, the listener is sure to be thrown into a musical wonderland. The soothing vocals are the cherry on top to this piece that you’re sure to replay after the first listen.This is a huge improvement from the first draft I heard, super impressed! ” - Kara Greskovic, Nashville Music Producer (karagreskovic.com)

A Bit About Me

Everybody has a story. You can find out details about Amia's nusic and visual artist journey, how it all started and up to the present activities, interviews. and activities by going to ttps://amiafranzofficial.wordpress.com/2021/09/17/amia-franz-official-word-press-blog/ 

Extraordinary Love 10 song Album
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