A tribute to some of Amia Franz Fans from around the web!

  "Amia is a talented, determined and hard working artist who understands technology and uses it to compose compelling music. She displays versatile talents by composing, singing and recording her songs. She deserves all the success she achieves." Joe Scoglio  President of the Jeannie Deva Vocal School


Just Voted!  Here's to Amia! Dave Anderson

I just voted for you!! Look forward to the new music!!! Johnny You know who!! A big fan Amia

LOVE Deep Love remix. It's a Hit Amia Keep up the great work!! Jimmy Hanson

Yaaay..whoo hoo..! Giselle Irsigler

Became a fan o nfacebook! I Love your Deep Love remix song! Jenny

 Absolutely stunning!!  David from Facebook

Thank You Amia , I'm Glad I added You on My List Your A Good

Person ...Anyways I'm Happy Your Awake :) u sound Good In Music ! Anik Goguen

Great work. It's glorious. Ashton Haze

Anyone that can't see your talent and beauty should move to mars....you are great! Don Hamilton

Wow what an all around artist you are Amia! My family and I wish you huge success!!!! Danielle Stevens

Amia you are fantastic! x Sandy Parker

Wonderful pictures and beautiful music Amia, Thanks;-)  Susanne Tadic-Bialuc

​OMG...I see a big resemblance to Madonna in your appearance! great voice and love the song Your Kiss Is Blind and Naked! PJ

 great job... Love the Deep Love video!Brent E Seifert


you're beautiful & talented Amia,:) which means....jealous people [esp women] are always going to look for ways to take you down. :) Human Nature at work. Thousands of calanders can go by....human nature doesn't change~Cj Albert

MrDiggal its vry nice

​ kizzies Queen Natees Shakur

Hey Beautifu..l great body with great songs! Rocky

Deep Love is a great track! We will share with our friends and we will be back to hear more from you! SUCKERPUSH

 Great Vibe Amia!!!!!!! Dan Bobbitt

 AWESOME Amia! i'm a fan;-) Mark Hewer

​I really like your Style and Production, Sweetz! "Deep Love" and "Ectasy" are awesome... Keep feelin our hearts with your words BADD INFLUINZ

Cool soundz Amia, love from Scotland! The Wildflowerz

Amia is awesome singer,she have amazing voice………..i just love it Abhi

excellent, keep up the outstanding work

​second journey

Lovely Soul Voice  Linda Haig Hosking

I wanted to mention that finding Amia is an Excellent discovery and wonderful addition to Motivational-Radio.com   She is very inspiring and I love her style and her creativity.  I would love to have had a chance to work with her vocally.  She is excellent and I love her songs!  Thanks for sharing her great works of art with your listeners" EnterpriseLady Lee

​What can I say, this lady Amia has a wonderful voice and her song are just brilliant. A good discovery, I feel she will go along way." Andrea Simpson


Good Luck as you follow your dreams painting the sky with song!!! Wishing you every joy and many opportunities to share your art!!!!! Christie Brinkley

hiiiiii amia franz your song very nice & romantic Sukhveerharika Singh

Excellent! Aaron Dozer

wow! i love your song dear precious friend Amia! and always i pray for you and your progress with music. glorfi God through your life.nirmollima

 Wonderful  Something magical around the corner! Tavynho

I`d like to collaborate with you in a new song... I whatched the Deep Love video also, beautifull!

You are awesomely talented as a singer, songwriter and artist. Your artwork on the Divine Artistic Designs site is some of the coolest stuff I've seen. Very inventive. You've got a new fan here. David Jenkins

I am a woman and I think you are gorgeous! Have you ever considered modeling? Great voice and songs Amia! Angelina

Anonymous Keep going!

Your an amazing singer Amia! I also want to here more of your great songs! deny

Hey Amia, excellent work. Love your outstanding voice and the tunes! Thanks for your friendship. Best wishes, Ralf ​ Dee

Amia is a jewel of an artist. She has not yet been fully marketed and when she is she will be the most valued and brilliant star within her chosen field!! Jessica Lamb (huge fan and believer in this incredibly beautiful and talented woman!) Jessica Lamb