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Question And Answer 

Q - Where have you been?

A - What do you mean?

Q - First, I read your bio on and it is very interesting!  You've worked with some of the best musicians and recording studios in the business!  But I know your dream to sing and write songs over your own music productions is yet to be accomplished. Am I right?


A - My answer is two part. The creative experience up to where I am now, that you have read, and with respect to my current goals is beyond invaluable! I compare my journey to building a house. You can't build a house , without first knowing how to build the foundation. The second part of my journey, Is where I am currently at as an artist and business woman.  As an artist,  the skills I've gained,  listening to musicians and watching producers work their magic in live studio sessions (including my own), kept my music creation dreams in high motivation. I knew, I had to make a difference, make original songs I developed myself. I emersed myself in the creative process in my own studio, experimenting, hiring musicians and getting some guidance from producers I respect. But the onus is really on me, to be satisfied, with guidance from great people not the other way around! Not leave the entire production process to what others come up with. As you read, I was invited by a music attorney out of L.A. who heard one of my song demos, and I signed a one song deal working musicians attorney represented in 2004. Also invited to record in NYC under s similar deal and other experience I gained leading to my last 2011, 8 song project,  recorded with a music production studio group out of the UK. In all these situations, I signed a production deal agreement to give those involved, total creative license to mold my demo ideas arounf their music productions they created. Any money made?  At the time, these were invaluable experiences in my development! I wasn't also figuring in, the business side of the business, which in a perfect world, I should have been just as serious about!  Fortunately getting a crash course learning about, and working on my artist goals with, Warren Decatur, CEO of

Q - I wish you much success on your  current journey! What else can we learn from you? 

A - You mean learn about regarding the school of time and pateince? 

Q- ha ha! ok

A - I wish I had met Warren, before 2022. The lesson for me is, everything happens for a reason. But if I had, I think I know I could have accomplished so much like I am now.   But the time necessary to develop my music side of being a creative artist I don't regret! It's not an overnight process, and in fact the more you listen the more you learn what you like and can share with those on your production team! But yes, I could have learned alot about the business side while developing my song style and sound! 

Q - Are there any other down sides to your journey leading to now?

A- Yes! I found out a year ago, with the help of Dr. Frederick Hult, out of Mchenry Illinois, that my struggle vocally was treatable. I had develped really bad voice habits, manipulating my voice to sing and speak after recording my 2011 project. I sought answers and help from others, including a vocal coach and no one could pin point exactly what was happening! I had always been sensitive to some foods and environmental allergies since a child. But the problems got alot worse over time! I had no idea it was the cause of manipulating my voice. With his intero computer testing, body balancing allergy technique and supplementation, I bagan to heal! The best way to describe this frightening 6 years of my life, is the feeling of helplessness. Like not understanding how to swim, your arms and legs flailing, thinking that is how to stay above water level, and not realizing that is accomplishing just the opposite result! I will be on my allergy balancing supplements and testing modalities indefinitely. 

Q - Tell us more about the new project and what audiences can expect?

A - The sound style influences of my current recording project of songs, are influenced by Jamiroquai, Prince, Zero 7, Sade and Jungle Band, and some alternative techno rock band sounds. I am a dancer, and will be working with other dancers on a couple dance numbers for the band show, and I hope and pray my dream to perform for audiences comes true!


Q - Thank you for sharing!  

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